Museum Of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? If you answered “No”, I’m soooo giving you the side eye right now!!! 

Ice cream is one of my favorites… and to visit a museum dedicated to ice cream is a genius idea! So once I found out the Ice Cream Museum was headed to Los Angeles I carefully began stalking their Instagram for ticket release info. 

I got my tickets and headed to the pink building located in the arts district.  Here are some fun moments of me enjoying my tour of the ice cream Museum. 🍦

Soooo, if Beyoncé , Jay & Blu stopped by the ice cream museum you know it’s crackin!! 

This is one of the first stops… The Pink Telephone room. I just called to say… I love you! 

Oh how cute is this ice cream cart… I would love to just have this at Every party! 🍦🌸

Strawberry Blvd… means something totally different in the hood.. lol! Back to the ice cream!! 
I’m going Bananas over this installation. 

My absolute favorite installation created by African American artist Keith Baker. Popsicles Yum! 

I would totally eat Ice Cream for breakfast. Don’t temp me. 
Neon lights are so much fun! I want one in my home. 
​​​​It’s melting… should I hold my tongue out and catch the drippings? 
The pool of Sprinkles was so much fun! Way better than the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese! 

Mini cone of carcoal cookie dough ice cream. Not my really that good to me. 

Make sure you pick up a ice cream lollipop. 🍭🍭🍭

​I must dance! 

Some where over the rainbow… God promised me Victory! 

Here’s the entrance to the Museum… happy touring! 🍭💕🌈

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The treat by Salt & Straw! Salted Caramel ice cream! 🍦🌈💕

A Day of Memorial 

As we remember those on the front lines who fought for our freedom.. We say Thank you! 

I spend my Memorial Day with family and friends being grateful of life, and the opportunity to live in a free county. 

May this Memorial Day be filled with love. ❤. 

Pink Hopes

They said the #writingisonthewall I guess they lied.. nothing there but Imagination and hope. Life doesn’t come with instructions… just hope for the best. #changedmind #paulsmithpinkwall #LALiving #Calife #melrose #pinkwall #wallart #mondaymotivation #lifequotes #lifestyleblogger 💕

California Love ❤

California… Where life is a beach… Enjoy the waves.  Born and raised in the golden state of palm trees and chucks (All stars sneakers) . Cali raised me… 
Endless summers & ocean breeze, morning  hikes, ice coffee, and avacado on everything! Love my city! 

Derby Day! 

It’s a rainy Saturday morning here at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia Ca. Not really derby weather, but I had to make due. 

The Kentucky Derby has been around since 1875 A horse race held in Louisville Kentucky. Here in LA we sometimes like to replicate.  We joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. along with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. who hosted a fun classy event. 

Despite the rain  everyone looked Great! We danced , ate some good food catered by Dulan’s Soul Food, smoked cigars, drank mint juelps , took pictures, judged who had the best hat and the best outfit….Oh. Can’t forget… made bets on the horses. 

Here are some of the photos from Derby Day! 

I created this look for the Derby, my top is from Nobody Jones Boutique in LA

A lady should be 2 things… classy & Fabulous! 

Breaking it down! 

She won $37

Love my Soror’s

Fashion is Everything at the derby!

LA Weekly’s Burgers & Beers 

My foodie chronicles led me to LA Weekly’s Burgers & Beers yesterday. Unlimited slider samples , and beer pours from LA Greatest burger restaurant and craft breweries. 

I’m not a beer drinker at all however, I tasted a few that were not so bad in taste. The burgers were delish! My favorite was 

Button Mash Burger was so delicious… I Downed that burger so fast I forgot to take a photo. Lol! Check them out here:

Myke’s Cafe

A beautiful day in LA

Thanks LA Weekly! I had a blast!

African Fashions 

Pop up shops are thee best!! That’s where you find the cutest, most unique, &  one of a kind pieces. Runway Boutique hosted “African Print & Cocktails”. With fashions from World Stitches , where you can purchase authentic African products. I found a beautiful top made in Ghana. Take a look at my look and tell me what you think? Runway Boutique

Shop for this top here: World Stitches

LA Adventures 

Happy Resurrection weekend!

It’s been a minute since I updated you on my latest Foodie runs around LA. I’ve been having too much fun eating and exploring my city. I remember a time where I thought LA was soooo boring aside from going to the beach and amusement parks. As I’ve began to explore LA more I’ve discovered so many cool spots. As I’ve gotten older my interest have changed; and now I’m realizing that I love learning and exploring new things where my adventures expanded.

I hope you continue to grow, and develop new interests as well, I hope you step out your comfort zone to try something new! Here are a few new spots around LA.

Little Damage Ice Cream shop located at 700 S. Spring street Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a cute spot serving up unusual flavors. I’m taking a lick at “Unicorn Tears”. It was delish! I also loved the neon sign behind me. It was the perfect backdrop to my photo shoot. The ice cream shop also has a photo booth inside. How cool!

Photo booth fun! excuse the weird sexy pose…lol!
Downtown Los Angeles has a lot of cool spots to explore. The Last Bookstore is a quirky spot to find all kinds of books and cute gift shops upstairs. They also have great spots throughout the book store for cool photo ops such as this one:

The Arts District has become one of my favorite spots to hang out in LA. So many cool spots to explore.

Here I am exploring the Neon signs Museum. It’s  free exhibit and Installation by Jason Rhodes.

There’s a spot in the Arts District where you will find a Rose growing through concrete. It reminds me of the poem by Tupac Shakur. This area is located near the neon sign museum at Hauser & Wirth.

All this traveling makes a girl a hungry! So stopped by this beautiful Heart Wall located near Bar Mateo/Zinc. This vegan spot is serving up some delicious food.

Enjoying the weather

Next time you feel bored, plan an adventure around your city!

Happy Adventures!

Monday Motivation

Good Morning Beloved! 

You are capable of anything you are willing to work for. Set your sights on those things that make you feel alive! Wasted time can’t exist in a life that’s headed for victory! Maximize your time and rise up! 

May your Monday be filled with quality time , and effectiveness. 

Be Blessed! 

Life On Purpose

We often wonder why do we exist? Growing up I was a mature teen who thought a lot about my future. I would always wonder “What’s my purpose”? Living in a world full of influences, choices , and information can turn into confusion.

I always knew I had a purpose however, it was a challenge to really narrow it down. Being raised in church, I knew somehow my purpose was connected to GOD. Once I developed my own relationship with God through prayer, worship, and studying the word of God I discovered my purpose. I had to seek God, the one who created me to find out my assignment, or my purpose in this world.

I’m so grateful that I know who I am… My identity is found in Christ for He is the source of all creation. I would like to encourage anyone who may be searching, and trying to figure out the meaning of their life to seek out God. What that means is be open to receive the truth , and love from our heavenly Father. It’s not about religion, it’s about you, and God connecting on level where He is guiding you through life to fulfill the purpose He created you to carry out while on this earth.

Live Life On Purpose!