What I know for sure!


There aren’t many things

I’m certain about, but one thing

for sure is that I am loved.

Often times people don’t feel like they’re loved because no one has ever told them, or shown them love. Although those are important ways to realize that you are loved, I’m speaking of the greatest love of all. This kind of love starts within, deep inside of you. In the famous words of our beloved Whitney Houston “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.” Acquiring self love can be a Difficult task, especially growing up in an environment in which love wasn’t given to you freely. I believe it’s Important as a family unit that we express our love and affection towards one another as often as possible. To grow up in a loving and supportive family is the greatest gift one could ever receive because it gives us self confidence,

and a sense of worth which lets us know we matter to someone. Studies have shown that people can die from the lack of love in their lives. We need Love as much as we need oxygen. The road to self love can be a rocky road if we don’t confront our issues. However, it’s possible to overcome past hurts and begin loving you. Love is Powerful! Self love is crucial to our survival. It is when we authentically love ourselves we are able to love others. I challenge you, I encourage you to put YOU first by loving who God created you to be. The most unique thing about you is that there is only one of you! That’s so awesome! Before you leave this world and make your transition with our heavenly Father, Come to know one thing for sure… Learn how to love you! You may ask, how do I discover self love? God is love… and when we seek after Him we find the greatest love of all.

With Love,


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