Finding Joy On The Journey


Often times we wait around for an extraordinary life changing event to occur before we fully begin to enjoy our lives. When In fact we should recognize, and appreciate the joy in the journey to this life changing destination that we think will ultimately make us happy and experience true joy.

Life is a series of peaks and valleys I encourage you to find joy on the journey. Although; you might be experiencing more valleys than peaks at the moment; it is important for us not to allow those valleys to defraud us of experiencing joy, peace, and laughter on our journeys along the way. Currently You may be in the valley of suffering and your mind is so far away from even fathoming what joy looks like however, at this very moment smack dab in the middle of the valley underneath the hardship joy resides, ready for you to uncover it’s possibility and to add peace in your life while you’re on this journey called “life”.

We uncover this joy by allowing our minds to shift from our problems and focus on others who we can help or offer charity to. When we take our focus off our own hardships to help others, Studies have shown that this enhances our lives to be more fulfilling and enjoyable.  Take inventory of your thoughts, eliminate worry, and adopt a grateful heart and watch God move you along this journey of blessings.

Be thankful for exactly where you are at this very moment for God is your refuge and present help. Therefore, be of good cheer and at peace knowing that the Lord your God will exalt you in due season. In the meantime discover joy in every experience life brings your way.


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