Trust Gods Timing.

gods timing

I Had a revelation while walking during my lunch break. This may be too deep for some of y’all but hopefully this will help most of you. As I was walking a strong thrust of wind begin to blow me forward which caused me to walk faster and ultimately I arrived at my location quicker than I expected. It made me think about how we often get impatient, and tell ourselves we should be at a certain level in our lives by a certain age, or even question God why things aren’t working out for us. It reminded me that God acts as that “Thrust of wind” & How he can push us forward to allow us to arrive at our destinations quicker, but in His timing. If we allow God to work His timing and stop trying to make things happen by our own efforts. God can thrust us further into our destiny and restore those years that we think we may have lost. I decided that I’m ok with that.‪#‎NotMyWillbutThyWillbeDone‬

3 thoughts on “Trust Gods Timing.

  1. This is very good. I like it. Awesome outlook and a great way to find the presence of God in every aspect of life.


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