Hope Dealer


God is listening.. He sees the tears you cry… He knows about the pain you have inside, Don’t give up hope. There is purpose in everything we go through. Today at church I was reminded about the story of Hannah, the barren woman who was childless. Hannah cried out to God in prayer to bless her with a child. Often times in life we see many people around us getting married, having children, traveling, buying homes, and living life in abundance. However, we look at ourselves and the status of our lives and compare our lives to others, and ask God why? We question God as to why our lives aren’t prospering in certain areas. Beloved, Don’t fret…There is purpose for your pain. Hannah was in great pain ,and distress because she could not bare a child for her husband. Other women around her were having babies and enjoying their families. Hannah went silently in the sanctuary and cried out to God in prayer for a child. Hannah poured out her heart to God so much so that Eli thought she was drunk. Hannah was persistent in her prayer to God for a child. During her prayer Hannah promised God that if He would bless her with a child she would give her child back to God. The name Hannah means “God has favored me”. Although Hannah was without child, God’s grace was still on her life. Sure enough! God came through and answered Hannah’s prayer and blessed her with a son named “Samuel”. Since Hannah was blessed with this child she dedicated her child back to God; and in return God blessed Hannah with five children.The number five means “Grace”. Although you may not be married, or have children, or living your life in abundance, remember Gods grace is still upon you. God can still give you the desires of your heart. One thing we must do is sit at the feet of Jesus and lay out before Him in prayer making your petitions known unto God with thanksgiving and praise. Friend, Don’t give up hope because Jesus our Lord and Savior will surely provide the promise. God keeps His covenant.

rest in His promises.

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