Relationship Goals

Love Cici

Lately, I’ve been reading about Ciara, and Russell Wilson’s budding new relationship. I was  able to watch an interview of Russell discussing his relationship with Ciara , He talked about how God told him that she was the one for him. Although these two have received their share of negative feedback from the media, stating that “Ciara shouldn’t have her baby around Russell ”  because they’ve only been dating a few months? Most of the feedback has been positive especially from a  woman’s perspective. It’s nothing more special than a man confessing his love for you, and more importantly knowing that God lead him to you. I respect Russell for allowing God to choose the woman for him. I respect Ciara for following her heart and allowing God to bring a man into her life that will take action towards covenant. It’s encouraging to see young people in love following after Gods plan. For anyone waiting on the promises of God, let this relationship encourage you while God works in the background on your behalf to bring your destiny mate into your life. #WorthTheWait

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