Rain & Beans

Its actually raining… No! It’s storming in LA! El Niño is upon us!! While most of the world is shaking their heads at us “LA natives” and thinking we are spoiled Angelenos who can’t handle a few raindrops. Meanwhile, this weather calls for some good comfort food. I decided to make a sixteen bean soup that I found at Ralphs grocery store. There are sixteen different types of beans in the pack! How cool?…The pack came with its own seasoning which added great flavor. I always soak my beans over night in water. Soaking your beans help reduce the cooking time. Once soaked I give them a rinse, add fresh water to a sauce pot and cook on medium for about two hours. I also added smoked turkey necks for more flavor. Oh and don’t forget to add fresh onions and garlic. Currently wipping up some cornbread to go with my bean soup:)

Enjoy this delicious meal in this god forsaken weather. Lol!

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