Breakfast in a burrito!

If you haven’t noticed… I love food  lol! All things in moderation right?  Well when comes to things like a breakfast burrito there’s some exceptions to the rules. My usual lunch spot in Little Toyko is Cafe Dulce because they have fresh salads and the most Amazing sandwiches with freshly baked baguettes that they bake right on site. I can’t even begin to describe  Click link:

 the insane pastries that are baked on site as well. It’s something you have to see and experience for yourself.  Now let’s get to this breakfast burrito which by the way isn’t on the menu. Yep! It’s a secret menu option. Those who are in the know only know about this little slice of breakfast heaven. The breakfast burrito is soooo yummy! It comes with eggs, potatoes, green onions, tomatoes, cheese and little bite size bacon bits, and as we all know the word “Bacon” just makes everything right with the world. The next time you’re in Downtown Los Angeles you must make a pit stop at Cafe Dulce.

Happy Eating!


Can you say “Bacon Donunts”?


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