He Makes All Things New! 

God placed it on my heart to complete a vision board for 2016. However, between work and life I kept putting it off. Initially I was going to have a vision board party. I even reserved the community room in my building , and created a invite for others to join me. but again work and life got in the way. Here it is the end of Janauary 2016 I received a text from a friend that reads the following message “Hi Tracy God said you need to complete your vision board”. When I received that text I instantly stopped what I was doing and made it my priority. That weekend I completed my vision board with everything I was believing God to manifest in my life. One of the things I placed on my vision board was a brand new car. In the past I’ve  always had used cars which result in many headaches and money pits. I vowed that my next car would be brand new…   

Well  needless to say  God came through once again! I actually have 2 different cars on my vision board however, the other one will be coming soon:)

The word of God says  in Habakkuk 2:2 King James Version (KJV)

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readet it.”
Not only am I excited… But I’m expecting God to show up and show out to manifest everything I placed on my vision board…. Oh! And I forgot to mention that I also placed the following statement on my vision board ” My income continues to increase“… Guess what? I received a raise from my employer. God is so faithful!! 

This year is already blessed and it’s only the beginning. I’m believing God, not only for me but for you too! I hope this will encourage someone today. 

God Bless! 💕

4 thoughts on “He Makes All Things New! 

  1. I love it CONGRATS I have a “Dream Board” same difference lol and I am thinking of re-doing it or just adding another one I received an email about Vision Boards tomorrow at work and clicked on this link and read your wonderful blog CONFIRMATION. God just used you young lady thanks for being obedient! And CONGRATS GIRL!!!


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