Coffee & Tea Drinker 

    I never thought that I would be apart of the coffee drinking crew, I’ve always been an avid tea drinker. Yes tea time goes down! I also make my rounds to cute little tea houses around The city as well. Now I’m on the coffee drinkers crew It’s a must that I use the right equipment to make the perfect cup of Joe. Currently I own a French press, traditional coffee maker and now I have a Keurig. I like each one individually for different reasons.   
I was excited to receive my new Keurig K55 brewing system. I’ve used a Keurig in the past and My experience was “Ok”. Since receiving my complimentary Keurig from Influenster I got a chance to read the directions on how to properly use the brewing system. 
It’s important to read the instructions before using it because you might think it’s broken. I know we sometimes get really excited to receive new appliances (at least I do) that reading those darn directions can be a little irritating. 
Needless to say reading is fundamental! I Was able to use the brewing system properly. I brewed my first cup (larger cup size mode) and my coffee came out pretty watery. I decided to brew again using the (smallest cup size mode) My coffee came out perfect! I realized that if its placed on the larger cup size mode that the coffee measurement in the pod isn’t strong enough to make the coffee taste right. Therefore, when using the Keurig brewing machine I could only brew on the smallest cup size mode to achieve the perfect taste to my liking. 
The only issue is I would have to brew 2 cups separately on the smallest cup size mode to equal a larger cup of coffee and get the proper Taste. 
Overall, The Keurig is convenient, and provides options such as different flavors of coffee and brands that can brewed on one machine. I also liked that it came with a reusable K-Cup filter which allows me to use tea leaves or ground coffee of my choice. Choices are always a good thing.
Happy Brewing !  
Oh! Check out the cute Keurig carousel tower.


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