It’s My Birthday! 🎈

Yep! It’s that time of year again to celebrate my birth. I will leave my age to the imagination however, just remember this “black don’t crack”! Lol! 

On a serious note, this birthday has been one to definitely remember due to all the tragedies happening around the world. I woke up to horrible news about #AltonSterling death, whom I found out is my cousins husband’s cousin (did you get that?) Not even 24hrs. Later #PhilandoCastile was killed by a police officer.  Hearing these tragic events on my birthday left me very sad, and tearful most of the day. 

I was able to pull myself together and meet some friends for dinner at Mama’s Shelter Rooftop :

I initially won an Instagram contest which included a cool rooftop lounge bed and a bottle of #JolieFolle Ros’e with 4 friends. I decided the perfect day to take advantage of this would be on my actual birthday July 6.   I’ve been to Mama’s Shelter once before for brunch, but this time I was able to hang out on their cool & colorful rooftop. The decor is beautiful once you arrive to the rooftop you instantly feel like you’re on vacation somewhere tropical. 

While I waited for my friends to arrive I sat and enjoyed the LA views with my delicious Sangria. This is the cutest rooftop in Los Angeles. Mama’s Shelter is actually hotel/restaurant/rooftop & Bar…In other words “Good Times”. I waited for my friends to arrive before I asked them bring out my complimentary bottle of Ros’e. 

Once everyone arrived we enjoyed our conversations and libations. We ordered flatbread pizza and avacado hummus with pomegranate on top (Pita bread included). 

Just us enjoying Life! 

Just me after making a birthday wish (prayer). Thanking God for allowing me to celebrate another birthday! To God be the glory! 🎈

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