Summer 16

As the summer comes to an end, I’m trying to savor every moment and take advantage of  Cali  sunsets,  dips in the pool, chill-laxing listening to cool music at outdoor concerts, Backyard BBQ’s , and my favorite…  Brunching on rooftops around LA. 

Although, we have at least one more month of this beautiful Cali weather I can’t help but to get excited about Fall. Fall is my favorite time of year because the weather puts me in a wonderful mood      .  I love  all the fall fashions, so much so that my Pinterest board is completely overloaded. Check it out here:

Fall is also certified “Boo Season”… Lol! Yep! Love is definitely in the air during this time of year and I’m trying to inhale whatever God has for me!  I’m hopeful. 

In other news… Here are a few summer looks I planned on wearing but my body didn’t get the memo. Lol! 

Swim suits are by :

All Summer 2016… One to remember. 😎

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