The List Tour LA 

I had the pleasure of attending #TheListTourLA which is a one day intimate and interactive experience that brings instructors to provide you with tools that promote SELF + BUSINESS success. It’s for the entrepreneur who’s looking to re-charge their business , or new entrepreneurs just starting out. 

The List Tour was founded by LaTonya Washington,  Executive  Director LW Special Events Managment, LLC. LaTonya is also the producer of ” Real Talk The Movement and has produced  countless  successful events across the map. 

I’m pictured here with LaTonya Washington CEO of LW Special Events Managment. We  started off with guest checking in and writing their goals down. 

“Write the vision, make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readth it.” Habakkuk 2:2

Dr. Monica Wilson shares some inspiring words with attendees. “How being successful is connected to your mental health. She shared that 72% of entrepreneurs deal with some type of mental health. Dr. Monica encouraged us to incorporate self care techniques in our daily lives to help us balance work and life. 

“Your dream is always bigger than any obstacle.” Dr. Monica Wilson , PH.D. 

Attendees ready and eager to soak up knowledge. 

Young entrepreneurs attending The List Tour LA. They got a chance to be inspired by young business owner Nylah of fat thighz cupcakes. Nylah assisted teens with creating “The Big Collaboration Idea” and presented it to the panel of experts during #ThePitch session. 

“Start with Love that’s the premise in which everything is made. ”

Dawn Osborne presented on Developing a Sales Strategy for your Brand” Dawn Osborne, Founder of NextLevel

Me & Dawn Osborne. 

Event vendors such as Christal White Norales owner of Passionate Events displays a beautiful candy table. 

Constance Moonzwe  VP  of Recruitment at ITH staffing. 

Queenie Johnson brand strategist & Master Teacher. She had us up dancing to Beyoncé! So much fun! 

Guest were given these awesom note books to jump start are goal planning. 

Overall I gained some great knowledge which inspired  me to re focus on my goals and to move forward in my destiny. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life. 

The best is yet to come! 

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