Sips & Sweets Presented by LA Weekly 

Picture a Friday night  trying to figure out what to do? Dinner,  movies, ice skating (tis the season), lounge, clubs?….umm No! I seriously feel like clubbing is going out of style, only because they’re so redundant. Going out to a club standing around looking at your phone knocking Back drinks  has become stale… it’s time to Spruce up your social life. 

Someone like me who loves experiencing new things and discovering new adventures couldn’t pass up this event. So I hit up LA Weekly’s “Sips & Sweets 2016 , now in its third year clearly they’re offering up the hottest new hang out around LA. What better place to hold this awesome event  than The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles… I always associate this place with the night Biggie got shot. (RIP Biggie Smalls) Baby! Bay Bay!  ok back to Sips & Sweets. 

The Petersen Automotive museum has been around since 1994 and is home to several cool, and historical cars. To host this event here was a great idea… why? Because it was something new, and such a creative chill space  that kept my attention the entire night. 

Sips & Sweets annual holiday party features over 15 of the city’s top bakers , over 20 LA’s most respected mixologists and more local LA artisanal craftspeople. 

All sips were sponsored by Hendricks Gin, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, Reyna Vodka, Milagro Tequila, Sailor Jerry Rum, Monkey Shoulder & a host of bartenders. 

The sweets were plenty,  and so was the drinks. What a perfect combination!  Guest enjoyed drinks, pastries, savories, and most importantly ice cream!!! 

One of my favorite “Sweets” was this amazing ice cream by McConnell’s fine ice cream. Soooo delicious! 

Drinks are flowing, sweets are tasty, atmosphere is cool, and the music is popping! I counted at least 4 DJ’s spinning on each floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum. Now you can’t get that at NO CLUB! Lol! 

Here are some more photos from the night. 

I can’t wait to attend next year! Thanks LA Weekly!  

Proceeds from this event will benefit Food Forward.. fight hunger, build community, harvest food. This organization is volunteer-powered grassroots group passionate about reconnecting to our food system, promoting issues of food justice, and making change around hunger in our community. Food Forward

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