Life On Purpose

We often wonder why do we exist? Growing up I was a mature teen who thought a lot about my future. I would always wonder “What’s my purpose”? Living in a world full of influences, choices , and information can turn into confusion.

I always knew I had a purpose however, it was a challenge to really narrow it down. Being raised in church, I knew somehow my purpose was connected to GOD. Once I developed my own relationship with God through prayer, worship, and studying the word of God I discovered my purpose. I had to seek God, the one who created me to find out my assignment, or my purpose in this world.

I’m so grateful that I know who I am… My identity is found in Christ for He is the source of all creation. I would like to encourage anyone who may be searching, and trying to figure out the meaning of their life to seek out God. What that means is be open to receive the truth , and love from our heavenly Father. It’s not about religion, it’s about you, and God connecting on level where He is guiding you through life to fulfill the purpose He created you to carry out while on this earth.

Live Life On Purpose!

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