LA Adventures 

Happy Resurrection weekend!

It’s been a minute since I updated you on my latest Foodie runs around LA. I’ve been having too much fun eating and exploring my city. I remember a time where I thought LA was soooo boring aside from going to the beach and amusement parks. As I’ve began to explore LA more I’ve discovered so many cool spots. As I’ve gotten older my interest have changed; and now I’m realizing that I love learning and exploring new things where my adventures expanded.

I hope you continue to grow, and develop new interests as well, I hope you step out your comfort zone to try something new! Here are a few new spots around LA.

Little Damage Ice Cream shop located at 700 S. Spring street Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a cute spot serving up unusual flavors. I’m taking a lick at “Unicorn Tears”. It was delish! I also loved the neon sign behind me. It was the perfect backdrop to my photo shoot. The ice cream shop also has a photo booth inside. How cool!

Photo booth fun! excuse the weird sexy pose…lol!
Downtown Los Angeles has a lot of cool spots to explore. The Last Bookstore is a quirky spot to find all kinds of books and cute gift shops upstairs. They also have great spots throughout the book store for cool photo ops such as this one:

The Arts District has become one of my favorite spots to hang out in LA. So many cool spots to explore.

Here I am exploring the Neon signs Museum. It’s  free exhibit and Installation by Jason Rhodes.

There’s a spot in the Arts District where you will find a Rose growing through concrete. It reminds me of the poem by Tupac Shakur. This area is located near the neon sign museum at Hauser & Wirth.

All this traveling makes a girl a hungry! So stopped by this beautiful Heart Wall located near Bar Mateo/Zinc. This vegan spot is serving up some delicious food.

Enjoying the weather

Next time you feel bored, plan an adventure around your city!

Happy Adventures!

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