Museum Of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? If you answered “No”, I’m soooo giving you the side eye right now!!! 

Ice cream is one of my favorites… and to visit a museum dedicated to ice cream is a genius idea! So once I found out the Ice Cream Museum was headed to Los Angeles I carefully began stalking their Instagram for ticket release info. 

I got my tickets and headed to the pink building located in the arts district.  Here are some fun moments of me enjoying my tour of the ice cream Museum. 🍦

Soooo, if Beyoncé , Jay & Blu stopped by the ice cream museum you know it’s crackin!! 

This is one of the first stops… The Pink Telephone room. I just called to say… I love you! 

Oh how cute is this ice cream cart… I would love to just have this at Every party! 🍦🌸

Strawberry Blvd… means something totally different in the hood.. lol! Back to the ice cream!! 
I’m going Bananas over this installation. 

My absolute favorite installation created by African American artist Keith Baker. Popsicles Yum! 

I would totally eat Ice Cream for breakfast. Don’t temp me. 
Neon lights are so much fun! I want one in my home. 
​​​​It’s melting… should I hold my tongue out and catch the drippings? 
The pool of Sprinkles was so much fun! Way better than the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese! 

Mini cone of carcoal cookie dough ice cream. Not my really that good to me. 

Make sure you pick up a ice cream lollipop. 🍭🍭🍭

​I must dance! 

Some where over the rainbow… God promised me Victory! 

Here’s the entrance to the Museum… happy touring! 🍭💕🌈

Follow my Instagram & Snap Chat for more inside details of my tour. @VintageShe 💕

The treat by Salt & Straw! Salted Caramel ice cream! 🍦🌈💕

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