Hella Fun!

Vintageshe was back on the scene this year for "Brunch At The Races" hosted by LA Weekly in the beautiful, & HOT city of Arcadia, CA (Santa Anita Park) Thankfully, The heat didn't stop the show!

I arrived somewhat late 11:30am considering it starts at 11:00am. It's best to arrive no later than 10:30am if you want to get your rounds of food in. anything after noon will cause you to be stuck waiting in line for your sample eats in the blazing sun.

Since I attended this event last year I knew what to expect… Heat!! In October. because it never rains in Southern California? I chose a cool Short dress with flat sandals because walking around in five inch stilettos just won't due ( some chicks actually had on five inch stiletto
Walking & sinking in the grass).

I would highly recommend the VIP ticket purchase just to have an area to sit in a cool space with your own private bar.

Posing with a beautiful back drop of the San Gabriel mountains.

I was able to hit up most of the stations and partake in some of my brunch favorites like French toast, pancakes, tacos, pan fried fish, ice coffee, bread pudding, biscuits, ice cream, and sunny side up egg on croissant, just to name a
Few. My least favorite was pork shoulder on top of polenta.

Potato cake… Yum!

Overall I had a great time. VIP is the way to go when attending this event because you get shaded seating , and two personal bars to serve top shelf liquor such as Effen Vodka, and Makers Mark. The only down- fall about VIP is there NO food in sight. We could've at least had a taco truck?

The fashions at the "Brunch At The Races" is killer!! take a look at a few of the fashionista's I spotted.

Great fashions this year!

Here are a few photos I captured! Pictures will tell the story!

Thank you LA Weekly for another great Brunch!

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