The Low Down Around Town!

Do you want the low down around town which include new spot alerts with my added commentary? The wait

Is over & coming soon. I’m trying to get better at updating you on new places to explore, fun things to do, and great places to eat. Subscribe to my blog to get monthly updates.

One of my hobbies is discovering new places. It’s something about the newness of something that brings excitement, curiosity & Joy! One of my pet peeves is constantly going to the same places, doing the same things, and eating the same foods over, and over again. How boring is that? Soooo…. Allow me to be your personal guide to discover & explore new food, new adventure, stylish clothing , and memorable travels etc.

Kicking off the fun here are a few things to do around town! Some things I haven’t tried & some are on my list to try!

Please leave a comment below to share your experiences on things you’ve tried or explored?

1. Honest Abe Cider Carson, CA

Honest Abe, our region’s only dedicated cider-and-mead-maker. It just opened a tasting room, allowing you and your friends to hang out with 15 taps pouring pineapple cider, local wildflower mead and cider micheladas.

2. Museum of Selfies

New museum coming to Glendale next month not only encourages its guests to take selfies, it’s the focal point.

3. Dolly Llama

The Dolly Llama is a master of creativity & deliciousness, here to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you with a smile on your face!

All three are on my “To do list” I’ll be back with photos, and my honest feedback!

That’s the low down around town!

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