Prom Season

Prom season is in full bloom. I attended 3 prom parties, also known as “Champagne Party”. Technically champagne isn’t served at prom parties therefore, Apple Cider is the drink of choice for the youngins. The adults may, or may not have a lil drank in their red cups? Lol!

First up… Heaven Taylor (my cousin)…I’m kinda the reason she is born, but thats another story for another day! Heaven attend Mater Dei High School.. star student & track star. Heaven will be attending Westmont College in the fall on a track & field scholarship. Heaven’s parents threw a Fabulous “Great Gatsby” themed Champagne Party. Here’s Heaven accompanied by her childhood friend Malcolm.

Attention to detail was on point… take a look at the decor..

2nd Prom goer… My dear friend Ayasha Johnson sent her son LaShad to prom in style. I loved how the family all came together and prayed before the couple left to enjoy their night. Champagne parties have become a “rites of passage” for African American teens entering into adulthood.

LaShad attends St. Bernard’s High School. Also a star student, & Athlete. His mother raised him to be a respectful young man. His prom date miss Kylie.

3rd Prom… My cousin Jhaleal A handsome, respectful young man. Jhaleal attends Dorsey High School he’s a star student and will be attending UNLV. Accompanied by his beautiful date.

It’s customary to toast to the young couple as they make their way to prom. Usually the parents, grandparents, and extended family will say some encouraging words before leaving. Que the tears… parents reflect on all the childhood memories of their kids, while beaming with pride.

Prayers for all the young people starting off on their journey’s into adulthood. May God be with you!

Until next year…

Cheers! 🎉

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