Sky Space LA

One thing about Los Angeles there is always something to do! Growing up in LA for me was fun, and exciting. Bike riding on the beach, to Disneyland, Universal Studios, & Magic Mountain we enjoyed it all. As an adult I’ve extended my adventure to bigger, and better spaces such as SKY SPACE LA.

I love to Experience New Things so I took a trip to Oue SkySpace LA located Downtown Los Angeles on the top of the U.S Bank Tower. The stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles…. Wow!

See Los Angeles from a different view. Once you arrive at the top, engage with the interactive technology. So Cool!

Ride The Slide experience the skyslide, a 45 foot fully enclosed glass adventure landing on the exterior of the US Bank Tower. It’s about 1,000 ft. Above Downtown LA.

Just landed off the slide…so much fun!

Here are a few photos from up top

I heard you can plan a classy event here,.. or even plan a romantic proposal fellas 💍

There’s even a bar filled with your favorite cocktails. It’s nice view that comes with a good drink.

There are interactive selfie cameras with changeable backgrounds.

The best time to visit is during the week or early in the day on weekends. Tickets can be found here:

Discounts for Triple A customers, & government employees.

Trace TravelsLA!


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