Find Your Hilltop

Find your hilltop… a small phrase with such impact. Hill top Coffee + Kitchen is definitely making a powerful impact within the community. I was instantly empowered reading this phrase therefore, I anticipated my experience at Hilltop coffee to be the same.

On my usual Sunday adventures after church I decided to visit newly opened Hilltop coffee + kitchen cafe located in Los Angeles, CA known as the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw district.

The Creators are two LA natives



“We take pride in creating fun environments for people to connect with each other and themselves.”

When I walked inside I instantly felt a community presence. Not just from the communal style tables, and empowering words written on the walls, but from the people who were inside. I noticed several men, and women with their lap-tops, and heads phones enjoying the space. I also saw Mother’s with children, and older adults sitting around enjoying a latte, or a breakfast sandwich. The other thing that stood out to me were the words I heard from the people inside. “This food is so good”, and “This is what I’m talking about, cool vibe”. I shared those same thoughts as I sat drinking my Chai Latte with Almond milk, and Açaí bowl.

Starbucks move over Hilltop is on the scene, and from the looks of things it’s a needed breathe of fresh air for this community.

We often have to travel outside our communities to find dope spaces with cool vibes. Hilltop coffee has definitely filled that void here. It sits inside a strip mall setting off Slauson Blvd. right across from the long standing “Simply Wholesome“, and “La Lousianne“.

Check out my photos from my visit.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

4427 W Slauson Ave

Los Angeles, California

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