God’s Original Intent

Often times we lose ourselves in the intricacies of life. Working everyday, taking care of family while trying to fit in time to care for ourselves. Life happens to us all, and we get sucked in the matrix of the world and we get inundated with multiple tasks.

Learning how to practice your focus is a technique to keep us grounded, and centered on building up our spiritual man. I often struggle with keeping my focus especially when there’s so much in our society that distracts us from practicing our focus. In the age of social media, and smart phones our focus continually competes with outside distractions.

God longs for our focus to be centered on Him. God is waiting for us to practice our focus, and align our spirit man with His will for our lives. He’s waiting to whisper in our ears in our alone time , and download His original intent for our lives.

With all the distractions around us ultimately it sucks us into operating on a level less than our best selves. We enter into relationships that don’t serve us in a worthy manner, we neglect our health, we engage in petty banter, fall into over sexualized activities which plant seeds of perversion, vanity, and low self esteem which ultimately leaves us feeling worthless.

With all those distractions we lose sight of God’s original intent for our lives. What is God’s original intent? I decided to research this term further to gain more context around what this actually means. I discovered that “Original Intent” is a legal term. A theory in law concerning constitutional and statutory interpretation. It’s actual aim or purpose, only those guarantees intended, or how things were understood at the time it was drafted or created. In other words it’s the original understanding at the time it was developed.

God tells us that “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart, and appointed you”. At this time Jesus is speaking to Jeremiah who doesn’t think he is qualified. Therefore, When God created you His original intent about you never changed. We allowed those distractions to pull our focus away from God’s original intent for our lives. God is so amazing, and loves us so much that he reminds us who we are; and what His original intent is for our lives.

Life has happened to us all which has caused us to lose focus, which made us to believe that there’s nothing more good left for us. But God, In His infinite grace, and mercy doesn’t allow us to wallow in defeat. God gently brushes off the dirt, collects our ashes , and crown us with beauty. Oh what a Savior, isn’t He wonderful!

God is saying to you… When he formed you in your mother’s womb His original thought about you still remains. God calls you His workmanship intentionally created by God for good works which God created beforehand that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Beloved, Walk worthy of the calling you have received. xo

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