Y’all 2020 is Savage!!!

January 1, 2020 we entered into a new decade. Yes!! we made it to another year, blessed, healthy, and full of hope for what this new year would yield in our favor. Fast forward to Sunday January 26,2020 approximately 9:36a. I was sitting in church worshipping, giving God thanks, and feeding my spirit with the word. As the service transitioned to offering, I pulled my phone out to give on my app. As I completed my transaction I decided to check FB casually, and as soon as I opened my FB app the headlines read “BREAKING NEWS” Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash in Calabasas Ca.

Life as we knew it was forever changed…

I instantly let out a huge gasp looked around to see if anyone had the same expression on their faces. A couple sitting in front of me turn around when they heard my shocking gasp, and shook their heads nodding yes validating that the news was true. At that moment I needed to leave the building because this news literally shook me to my core, as if I lost a dear family member. Kobe Bryant was one year older than me. When Kobe was drafted to the LAKERS he was only seventeen years old. As a teen girl I instantly had a crush on him because he played for my beloved LAKERS, and he was someone that was my age. Kobe often hung out with the R&B superstar “Brandy”, and even appeared on her hit show “Moesha”, which made him even more likable by teenage girls. As time went on Kobe developed his skills on the court, got married, and had children by the time he was twenty-five. Kobe solidified himself early on as a superstar basketball player. Every year he would get better , and better so much so he helped the LAKERS win five championships. Losing Kobe was devastating for the entire world. I witnessed grown men crying profusely, I mean grown big men who are manly, like Michael Jordan, and Shaq who broke down on National television. This really hurt… it still hurts… not only did Kobe die with nine other people, of those nine people his thirteen year old daughter GiGi was killed… to add insult to injury. The city, and most places around the world created murals of both Kobe , and GiGi. As I type this I realize it’s making me emotional… such as tragedy.

The year started out promising… Then BAM! Kobe & GiGi dies…

As the months went on it became extremely terrible. Fast forward to present day. July 8,2020 it has been recorded that 131,480 people have died in the U.S. 3 million confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the United States of America. The richest Country in the world in knee deep in a global pandemic. The current Administration in the White House has failed the people, and continue to ignore a global pandemic, even calling it a “hoax”. People are dying at alarming rates everyday, and the person in the White House is playing a game with our lives. I could go on and on about more terrible news that has happened in 2020 but I will stop here because it’s so traumatic. Lord Help Us…

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