About Me

Tracy L. Malbrough is from Los Angeles, California on a journey to inspire others to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE!  Through food, travel, fashion, events and Self Esteem Workshops. Tracy enjoys  committing herself to community service activities, such as facilitating quarterly “Community Service Challenges” for those in the community with a heart to give back. While uplifting others by sharing the word God from her personal experiences. Tracy is the founder of RISE UP Youth Empowerment Inc., Equipping teens with tools to help them transition into responsible, and successful adults. Tracy is  widely known for facilitating the popular “Girl Talk Lounge” which provides an outlet for teen girls to receive mentor ship, life-skills development, and self esteem building activities. Girl Talk Lounge has featured actresses such as Erica Hubbard (Lincoln Heights), Alexis Fields (Sister Sister), Angelique Bates (Nickelodeon All That),  and Sponsorship from Tichina Arnold Girlz Foundation. Tracy has also, Co- produced ELEVATE 2012 youth summit for at-risk teens which provided health and wellness workshops for teens. Tracy is also the co-author of “Legacy Letters” an anthology featuring letters written by high-profile women to the teenage version of themselves. Tracy currently works full time in social service sector helping those in need stabilize, and reach self sufficiency.

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